Real Estate Corporate Services

Trustd Figures provide expert real estate corporate services, Australia-wide

Looking to improve efficiency, lower your costs,
or just need help to solve a problem?

Our team will take the time to understand your needs and offer a fully flexible service to your exact requirements.

We can help via either a short-term engagement or an ongoing partnership.

Let us show you why our clients consider us the trusted figures that extend their team.

Let us show you why our clients consider us the trusted figures that extend their team

Trust Accounting Real Estate

We offer a range of services

Trust Accounting

Help with either short-term or long-term trust accounting?

Trust Accounting

Our service is proven to free up your time and save your agency money.

Our experts are the
trusted figures in Trust Accounting.
We offer an outsourced partnership or a problem-fix answer for your team.
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On-site or remote
Software training


We build training to your specific needs.

Our team are the
trusted figures in Training
and offer key learnings and insights into PropertyMe, Console-Cloud, Box+Dice and other software packages.
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Consulting & Migration

to help deliver
your strategy

Consulting & Migration

Need expert advice?

Our team are the
trusted figures in consulting & migration services.
We can assist you with a thorough review of your current systems through to larger initiatives - including planning and executing your cloud migration.
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Sales Admin

Outsource your
Sales Administration


Our clients love that they can also outsource their Sales Administration to a single provider.

Our team are the
trusted figures in Administration
and will fully manage all aspects to support your sales team.
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Step up measures to
prevent risk of audit breach


Had audit issues? Or looking to assess your risk?

Our experts are the
trusted figures in Compliance to real estate legislation in every state.
We will assess and develop action plans to minimise this risk.
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Manage your day to day financials


Our clients love that they can also outsource their bookkeeping to a single provider.

Our team are the
trusted figures in Bookkeeping
and offer flexible services to include payroll, creditor payments and preparation of your accounts for your accountant.
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why outsource?

common questions prior outsourcing

Why should we consider outsourcing?

There are different drivers for every client.  In the main you'll achieve a significant cost saving and be safe in the knowledge of accurate, timely, compliant results and expertise being provided to you.

Do you work under our brand?

Always.  Your clients will only ever interact with you, or with representatives of your brand.  There are actually only limited circumstances where we interact with your clients for you, and always under your brand and where this will have been explained and agreed with you up front.  You remain in control.

Our team are used to having an in-house resource. How will this work?

We're here to answer your questions, promptly, via our support portal.  This is the most efficient method for both your team and us.  However, if the request is a little more complicated we pick up the phone to call you to discuss further.

We do things differently to other agents. How flexible are you?

Every client operates a little differently.  So every client receives individual service aligned to your systems and procedures.  We have proven processes that can be amended to suit you whilst still remaining compliant and efficient

How does it all work?

It is simple.  First we discuss your requirements and how you operate before a plan is put together that we both agree to.  Then it is simply a matter of you granting the appropriate access to our team depending on your request.  Our most senior team members always onboard each new client, and in no time we'll be an integrated extension of your in house team.

How are you different?

Our new clients often tell us that we're a refreshing change from prior outsourcing experiences.  Contact us for a quote, or just to have a chat, and we'll explain what we do to earn that praise.

what our clients say...

At the end of a busy month when I was in dire straits to get my owners paid, not only did the team spend the time to understand my complex business needs, they worked day and night to make sure my owners were paid on time and accurately. I highly recommend them to manage your Trust Account for your business...


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