Real Estate Consulting Services

" let the cloud lighten the load "

Independent advice or hands-on planning and execution

Trustd Figures can help you plan and deliver to your strategy.

From legislation/compliance advice to full cloud migration – we are available to help.

Migrating to a Cloud Property platform is one of the key enablers to remaining competitive these days.  We can help you get there, successfully and stress-free.

Let us show you why our clients consider us the trusted figures that extend their team

Trust Accounting Real Estate

consulting / migration services

Consulting & Migration

Why we can help

Our team has over 40 years real estate industry experience across Australia

Our founder is a licensed real estate agent in Victoria

We have in-house IT qualifications with over 20 years of delivery experience

We service all segments;

  • Residential
  • Holiday rentals
  • Commercial

We have expertise in all the major property software & payment platforms;

  • Cloud Property – PropertyMe, PropertyTree, Console Cloud, Box + Dice, AgentBox, REX, Zenu, NewBook, Guesty, YesBookIt
  • Payment – CampaignAgent, AirBnB, eWAY, Ezidebit, SecurePay, Centrepay, iPay, Stripe
  • Server – RPOffice, Console Gateway, REST

We work with all the software providers.  We know their true pro’s and con’s – and can help you navigate what they’re telling you.

With migrations, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Let's talk about how we can help

We provide independent assistance in review of your operations or strategies.


Best-Practice input to your operations, systems or databases.  

  • change management
  • trust management
  • administration
  • software usage and functionality
  • database and management there-of

Cloud Migration – We can give input to your plans with software vendors as part of their proposal for cloud migration – and help you avoid any number of pitfalls.

We can also help manage the migration – Including getting into the trenches with your team prior, during and after the migration to ensure any data issues are avoided or resolved correctly.

why come to us for consulting?

common questions to our consulting services

How can you help?

We place all our advisory services under the banner of "consulting".  So the areas we help our clients can be quite varied. 

Common items are: Assisting with migration of your property system to a cloud solution like PropertyMe, advice to compliance or trust accounting.

But if you have another question, feel free to ask!

How do we get started?

As simple as a phone call or filling in our web-form.

Every consulting request is unique, so it starts with a conversation - where we'll very quickly advise how we can help you.

How are you different?

Well for starters, we are independent to the software providers. 

Any advice we give is based upon what we've seen really work in practice (or not!); and is not based on a provider's sales quota targets.

Because we are experts in a number of fields, we can offer you that expertise to add to your project team - even if only to help deliver a short term project.

Plus, being licensed ourselves, we will truly understand the nuances of what you're trying to achieve.

what our clients say...

At the end of a busy month when I was in dire straits to get my owners paid, not only did the team spend the time to understand my complex business needs, they worked day and night to make sure my owners were paid on time and accurately. I highly recommend them to manage your Trust Account for your business...


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